Hantek CC-65 AC/DC Multimeter Current Clamp Meter with BNC Connector CC65

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Item specifics

1)AC/DC frequency range: Up to 20 kHz

2) Effective Measurement Range: 20mA to 65A DC

3) It is a transducer which allows your multimeter to measurecurrent data and enable your oscilloscope to measure the current waveforms.

4) Its current transducer is composed by permalloy and hallelement, which linearly transform the AC or DC current to AC or DC currentvoltage.

5) And if connect to an oscilloscope by BNC type connector, youare able to observe the current waveforms; If connect to a multimeter by bananatype connector, you can obtain the current data.

6) Application:

Power circuit measurement and malfunction analysis;

Motor drive of frequency converter (or other electronics)measurement;

Power electronics equipments measurement

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