Digital Portable Oscilloscope OSC482M USB-PC Android Virtual 2CH Bandwidth 20Mhz Sampling Data 50MSa/s

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Virtual oscilloscope 6022BE upgraded version OSC482 20M car repair mobile oscilloscope



Small and portable, 153(L) x 93(W) x 23(H) mm.
Including package weight 220G
Provide GPIO interface.
The open source hardware interface supports DIY module expansion. It can be used with module upgrade signal generator + logic analysis function l Provide software interface protocol for customers' secondary development.
The USB 2.0 interface draws power directly from the host, no additional power supply is required.
The oscilloscope and data logger computer PC software are completely free.
Oscilloscope products support use on Android phones. (Only supported by OSC482M OS482F)
Realize the convenience of PC large screen display and PC software operation.
Support multiple serial protocol decoding.
Software Chinese English can be switched

General and precision testing.
Used in teaching equipment or industrial test system.
Power supply ripple and noise detection.
Multi-sensor system and serial bus decoding.
The secondary development and application of analog data acquisition and digital IO control projects.
Solar system and lighting system voltage/current data record analysis.
Fault diagnosis tool for on-site maintenance engineers.
The basic tool for DIY enthusiasts and makers. A
Basic oscilloscope:
OSC482: Host*1 Probe*2 USB computer link*1
OSC482M: Host*1 Probe*2 USB computer link cable*1 Android adapter*1

Brief description:
The basic oscilloscope is:
OSC482 can be linked to a computer
OSC482M can be connected to computers and Android phones
Low unit price and high cost performance The mainstream parameters of the 20MHZ2 channel can be used for measurement in various fields, such as car maintenance, electronic research and development, circuits, school electrical teaching competitions, etc.
OSC482 is open and open source, customers with programming technology can conduct secondary development
The OSC482 model has an open module port. Customers who purchase the basic version of the oscilloscope need to expand the function later, and they can purchase a module for DIY expansion.

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