6pcs TSSOP28 SSOP28 SOP28-DIP28 Adapter SOP20 SOP16 SOP8 150mil 200mil to DIP8 Adapter Compatible TSSOP20 SSOP20 TSSOP8 Socket

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Full set of TSSOP and SOP adapter set, can use with TL866CS.TL866A.TL866II PLUS. RT809H.SP8-A .SP8-B SP16-B ..........

Package Include:
1.TSSOP28 to DIP28 (Gold Plating) *1pcs ( Compatibe TSSOP20 TSSOP8 )

2. SOP28 to DIP28 (Gold Plating) *1pcs (Compatibe SOP20 SOP16 300mil)

3. SOP20 to DIP20 200mil-209mil (Gold Plating) *1pcs

4. SOP8 to DIP8 200-209mil (Gold Plating) *1pcs

5. SOP16 to DIP16 150mil (Gold Plating) *1pcs

6.SOP8 to DIP8 150mil (Gold Plating) *1pcs

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