Original New TL866II Plus TL866 Minipro Universal BOIS PIC Programmer

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Original New TL866II Plus TL866 Minipro Universal BOIS PIC Programmer

Product Description:
1.AVR series single-chip high speed programming
2.PIC series 8-bit microcontroller programming
3.Serial 24/25/35/45/93 series programming
4.High-performance BIOS programmer
5.Car computer chip programming
6.Support WIN2000 / WINXP / WIN2003 / WIN2008 / WIN VISTA /WIN7 (32bITS AND 64BITS)/Win8/Win10
7.Software version number:V8.308.suport over 15118 chips ( Various serial and FLASH, EEPROM, SOP,PLCC,TSOP
Encapsulation chip are supported.This number keeping update,will be more and more in the furture.

1.Tl866II PLUS programmer is the improvement of TL866CS/A programmer, difference is much higher programming speed (up to 2x) of high-capacity memories.
2.It supports multiprogramming mode (up to four ).
3.Well-designed cheap professional programmer, Production of high-density SMD technology, a unified user interface, easy to use, fully functional, reliable program running of application software, ultra-small code -runs faster.

The difference between the TL866CS and TL866A
1. ICSP interface (6-pin interface of the programmer right side) is limited to the TL866A model.

2. Partly Microchip's MCU with More than 40pins require the use of the TL866A for ICSP interface programming .Most of Microchip's PICs MCU support programming on ICSP and 40PIN seat.

3. About ATMEGAxxxx and SYNCMOS’s MCU SM89xxx SM59xxx
TL866A support serial programming on ICSP and parallel programming on seat.
TL886CS only support parallel programming on seat.

4. AT45DBxxxx can only be programmed using the ICSP interface (TL866A only).

5. To all other chips. TL866A and TL866CS no diffrent.
Both programmers work with genuine TL866 Adapters for devices up to 48 pins.

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