6pcs/Set YIHUA 126 Series Flux Soldering Tool Welding Tools Kit

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6pcs/Set YIHUA 126 Series Flux Soldering Tool Welding Tools Kit

This set of tools specialized integrated circuit disassembling,precision electronic components welding, grinding, cleaning, repair, etc.


Welding Tool--Knife


Cutter--To cut the printed circuit board copper connection cable,and print circuit circuit correction, cut off, rust when used.


Scraper--To removal residual solder and flux,clear the horizon on the bonding pad and gold finger,scraping rust, oxidation layer, etc.

Welding Tool--Fork


To fixed or adjust the components of pin and connecting line,and resistors, capacitors molding with foot.


Welding Tool--Pressure Head

Small electronic components are compacted and positioned after soldering round element, flat element corresponding to the indenter.


Welding Tool--Hook


Arc Hook-- Using plane integrated circuit components,it is used for disassembled, electric iron edge dissolved side removal.

Round Hook-- Using for dismantle the resistance element ,soldering iron dissolved

and removed.


Welding Tool--Needle


Printed circuit board hole enlargement and solder plug hole repair.


Welding Tool--Brush


Before soldering to clean solder parts of the dust and residues,the tin ball produced

by soldering,and to remove rust stain.


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