220V 110V T8280 PCB Preheater IR Preheating Plate T-8280 IR-Preheating Oven 0-450degree Celsius Solder Repair

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220V 110V T8280 PCB Preheater IR Preheating Plate T-8280 IR-Preheating Oven 0-450degree Celsius Solder Repair


Notice: offer 110V , 220V Voltage Power model for choice

Please select correct voltage model !


1. This machine selects the infrared component to give off heat which independent exploration, adopts advanced PID intelligent temperature, controls temperature precisely.

2. T-8280 can achieve to heat PCB board and component which contains lead or not,especially for the BGA and SMD parts.

3. Use infrared heat, easy to cut through, heat proportion, dont have sirocco flow. Dont shift the small components on the PCB board,ensure the welding quality.

4. This machine has 600W heating system, widely to 280x270mm.Can use together with the handhold infrared welder T-835.

5. Easily operate, you can operate it through easy training.

Technical Parameter

Work bench size


Rated voltage and frequency

110V 60/50Hz

Complete machine power


Preheating plate power


Preheating plate size


Preheating plate temperature adjustable



Main Components:

Preheating plate main body


Temperature sensor


PCB board holder


Power line


Main component function explanation:
Operation instructions:
1. Inspect the machine and then open it
Check the connection of the power line.
Turn on the power switch. Allow the T-8280 Power-On-Self-Test (POST) to complete. After this, Temperature set-points will display last value used.
The black switch on the front panel are used to control the infrared preheating plate; press the blue button (up),the red button(down), can adjust the infrared preheating plate temperature between 0 C and 450C. Press the button"ON",the infrared preheating plate starts to work, press"OFF",it stops working.

2. Operation of preheating PCB board
(1) The placement and adjustment of the PCB board:
According to the size of the PCB board, adjust the PCB board holder, then put the PCB board and fix the adjust knob.
According to the size of PCB board and welding technological requirement, press the blue button (up)and the red button (down), regulate the output temperature of preheating plate between 0C and 450C
(2) Preheating open and close:
Press the "ON" button,open the preheating plate about 3-5 minutes, make the temperature be the setting value then carry on the next step .
Finishing, press "OFF", the preheating plate stops working.
Attention:Dont close the power switch until the machine full cooling.
The preheating temperature set: If the PCB board contains lead, adjust the infrared preheating plate temperature to 100-120C; if not, adjust to 120-140C. You can also set the preheating temperature according to the users experience and technology.

3. Machine installation and adjustment:
The preheating plate heating type includes: the total pressure flow-through heating way and the PID percentage adjustment way. You can adjust it according to the preheating allowance. Generally speaking, if the preheating temperature is lower than 250 C , selects the PID percentage adjustment method; and if the preheating temperature is higher than 250C, use the total pressure flow-through heating way.

Adjustment method:
1. Press power-on, display: C=?
2. Press choose 0 or 1,every press the status change one time,
C=0 is PID percentage adjustment, C=1 is switching control.
3. Press OK

1. After finishing, dont turn off the power immediately; make sure the infrared preheating plate complete cooling.
2. Keep the ventilation free-flowing, the infrared preheating plate clean, use dehydrated alcohol clean it regularly
3. The high temperature operation, pay attention, avoid scalding.
4. If you dont use the machine for a long time, youd better pull off the power source plug

Warranty :
The whole machine maintains for one year and the spare parts maintains for three months. .Provides the immediate network online Q/A and the technical advisory work service.

If there is any difference between users operating manual and actual product, according to the actual product!

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