For PCMtuner 1.21 Users Stage 1- Stocking Car Function

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Authorization For PCMtuner 1.21 Users Stage 1- Stocking Car Function
For PCMtuner 1.21 Users Stage 1- Stocking Car Function

Customers who has already bought PCMtuner 1.21 shall have their accounts on the website ( 
Functions like WinOLS damaos, A2L, MAPPACKGE, VR files on this website are free.
When you log in the website, you can search for the software function you need according to your ECU part number. 

Stage 1 tuning is the most common option. These tunes and mods generally do not require additional mods. Simply add a stage 1 modification and go. Even though most stage 1 tunes don’t require mods there are still some good mods to couple with a stage 1 tune. An intake and exhaust are popular stage 1 mods to include with the tune.

Naturally aspirated engines may only see about 5-20 horsepower gains with these basic mods and tuning. However, turbo engines often see gains of 20-50+ horsepower with a tune only. Add in the basic bolt-on mods, and some turbo engines may even pick up around 100 horsepower with stage 1 tuning.

Stage 1 mods generally include intakes, cat-back exhaust, blow-off valves, and other basic bolt-on engine mods. Again, none of this is a perfect science. However, the general idea is that stage 1 tuning and mods are basic things that usually don’t require further modification.

Typical stage 1 mods are generally a straightforward DIY fit and should work on a standard engine that is in good condition. Some examples of stage 1 mods include, induction kits, panel air filters, sports exhausts, fuel pressure regulators, a simple engine remap or timing changes, blow off valves/diverters  and the like. Most of these easy to fit stage one mods are the first thing people will do on their project car. Just because they are popular it does not mean they are good mods or will add any significant power gains

For stage1, the price for stocking car function is 77USD.

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