Car Stereo Radio Wiring Harness Plug for Mercedes 2005-2007 C230 2006-2007 C280

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Car Stereo Radio Wiring Harness Plug for Mercedes 2005-2007 C230 2006-2007 C280

Reverse Car Stereo Wiring Harness
The VW03RB Reverse car stereo wiring harness plugs into your Factory radio for reinstallation, harness replacement, and/or installation of an OEM radio into another vehicle. This harness can also be used in conjunction with a standard harness to add SiriusXM, or an FM Modulated accessory without cutting factory wiring. The harness is EIA color coded to match most aftermarket radios.

Illumination Note
If Your Radio Does Not Contain A "Dimmer" or "Illumination" Wire, Then The Orange "Illumination / Dimmer" Wire In This Harness Will Not Be Used.
Some functions like Steering Wheel Controls, speed sense, ext. may not be supported.
Wire Color Codes
The color codes used on this car stereo connector harness conform to the E.I.A (Electronics Industry Association) standard. Depending on the manufacturer, these colors may differ from the wiring codes found on your stereo. Always refer to your stereo owner's manual for specific wiring details before making any connections.

EIA Color Code Connections:
Yellow 12V Battery / Constant
Red 12V Ignition / Switched
Black Chassis Ground
Black / White Factory Amplifier Ground
Blue Power Antenna / Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On
Blue / White Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On
Orange Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination
Orange / White Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination
Orange / Black Dash Light Dimmer Ground / Illumination Ground
Brown Mute / Not Used
White Left Front Speaker (+)
White / Black Left Front Speaker (-)
Gray Right Front Speaker (+)
Gray / Black Right Front Speaker (-)
Green Left Rear Speaker (+)
Green / Black Left Rear Speaker (-)
Purple Right Rear Speaker (+)
Purple / Black Right Rear Speaker (-)
RCA Color Codes
White RCA Left Front Speaker
Gray RCA Right Front Speaker
Green RCA Left Rear Speaker
Purple RCA Right Rear Speaker
Red / White combinations
Red RCA Right input
White RCA Left input
Yellow RCA Video

Additional Notes:
Cap and insulate all unused wires individually to prevent short circuits.

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